Does the Bugle Mule fit your bugle tube? Find out in seconds! Simply measure the diameter of your bugle tube or trace the outline of your tube and measure the resulting mark.

Bugle Mule

3-Cell Bugle Mule fits bugle tubes ranging from 3.325 inches in diameter to 4.1 inches in diameter including the following popular models:

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls models:

Wapiti Whacker
Bully Bull Extreme

Phelps Game Calls models:


Elk Nut Outdoors Models:

Chuckler EL
Chuckler XTR

2-Cell Bugle Mule (Coming Soon) fits all smaller tubes including:

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls models:

Wild Frenzy

Phelps Game Calls models:


The Bugle Mule is the easiest most foolproof way ever to carry and protect your elk calls! No more pockets full of smashed calls, pouches full of moldy calls, or fumbling and dropping calls from gloved fingers! Get your Bugle Mule today!