A Simplified Guide to Success as a New Elk Hunter

How To Make A Plan Of Attack For Your Next September Elk Hunt

A simplified guide to success as a new elk hunter


We live in a time when the amount of information available to us at any moment is so enormous that it can’t be quantified. Pick any subject, like elk hunting during the rut, and you’ll find enough educational information online or in print to occupy your spare evenings and weekends for years. With tailored educational resources like the University of Elk hunting from Elk101.com, The Elk Module from Roe Hunting Resources, the Elk Nut App from ElkNut Outdoors, plus hundreds of hours of podcasts from sources like Jay Scott Outdoors, The Rich Outdoors, the Elk Talk Podcast, and an unknown thousands of words on discussion forums, Blogs, social media, and thousands of hours of video on YouTube, the benefit of available education can turn into the bewilderment of available education. All of these resources offer the prospect of tremendously reducing the learning curve associated with becoming a consistently successful elk hunter. The people behind these resources have a genuine love of elk and elk hunting and want you to be more successful in the elk woods this fall. They also know that the typical success rate for a do-it-yourself (DIY) archery elk hunter hovers around 10% in most units. Looking at that another way, about 90% of elk hunters will fail to bag an elk this September.

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